jjuttup asked:

So did Trader Bobs become an easter egg in Ty 2 of a sense? And then Ty went into Blade?

Yes. Trader Bob and Naomi are both from Flight of the Amazon Queen.

And yeah there’s a few TY cameos and references in Blade Kitten including the unlockable mascot costume version of TY. Did you catch him in the background of the second level?

The Frills were actually based off a character I designed for my animation course at art college.

The Zombie Frills are a nod to the Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage/Zombie Wars games.

There is also a 100% complete bonus character called Kitty in Windows 8 TY. You can guess what game she’s from.

For some reason Today was one of those days where really simple stuff blew out into shit onions. Nothing bad happened but man did so many things conspire to make life a lot more difficult than it needed.

Still the ZICS thing went ok. But now I’m sooo worn out and I have NO Ice cream here ;_;

Anonymous asked:

Got any big plans for the future of Mech Assault Skin Enceladus, Like how Blade Kitten went, or something smaller?

Plans for it are on hold at the moments seeing as it didn’t really get anyone’s attention - it sold a total of 0 copies online. I might just shelve it for a few years.

tedizleader asked:

im sorry but that answer you gave to the anon about the time travel idea gave me this mental image of Ty just glaring ar his parents in the present and angrily whispering "hippiesssss". On a side note, thank you for all your hard work on those games; they made my childhood a lot less miserable :)

You’re more than welcome - That’s a bonus on top of getting paid to make them.

BTW TY wouldn’t have been angry that they were hippies it’s more that surprise when you find out that your parents had lives beyond what you know of them being your parents.

Anonymous asked:

Would a time travel story in Ty 2 meant that we would have seen more of Ty's backstory?

Not really. Each environment style had a specific time period. The swamp areas were originally set 25 years in the past and Betty and Duncan we originally young Di and Bri, TY’s parents. Sadly changing that meant we lost one of the best lines “Struth! My parents are hippies!”

Also Clarence was originally Young Dennis.

The other time periods were 25 years in the future - which would have Ty and Shazza’s kid as well as a crazy one eyed version of Julius who was working for Cass in a golden future Cassopolis - he became Karlos.

And there was like a 250 million years in the past zone - where all the Dinos and Thylacoleos like Carn and Orchid were as opposed to the “lost word” zone we swapped it to.

And now you know ll about it.

white-knuckles17 asked:

Favorite pizza toppings? Mine are pepperoni and especially banana peppers, those banana peppers are like crack to me. I love my pizza stacked with banana peppers. Oh, and how often do you order pizza?

Pepperoni with Anchovies. I order it as often as I can without feeling guilty.

airhooves asked:

Talk about traveling... How often do you get to visit different places, countries? And are there any places in the world that you've never been at, but would love to visit?

I used to travel a lot for work but haven’t been anywhere since E3 2010. For a good while I used to go to Tokyo at least once a year as well as LA, San Francisco and Seattle. I once had to do a meeting in Seattle and come home in less than 48 hours - that was killer.

I’d love to visit Canada, New Zealand and Scotland one day. Also I’ve always wanted to see Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.

Anonymous asked:

I'm sure I can speak for a lot when I say I would have loved to visit your stand, but alas, Australia is far away... Hope you get a lot of visitors still!

Don’t be silly, Australia is right here.

Oh right… you mean far away from you :D